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Custom Metal Inspection

Fabrication Inspection

Providing quality products on time is our mission at Advantage Metal Products. Our attention to detail and quality along with our ISO 9001 and AS91000 certifications ensure that your products meet the standards of your industry while arriving on time.

With advanced equipment like the Keyence WM-3000 CMM and Virtek 3D Laser Scanning Machine, our skilled team is able to provide comprehensive validation services. This allows us to speed up your manufacturing process and guarantee that tolerance requirements are met.

For over three decades, our team has been providing fabrication inspection services to ensure quality products are delivered every time.

Why Fabrication Inspection Is Beneficial

When you work with a metal manufacturer that performs inspection services, you can rest easy knowing that your products will consistently meet the standards of your industry.


Implementing inspection services will ensure that your products are of the highest quality, every time. Our team will assess your product throughout the manufacturing process to make sure there are no defects or imperfections that could cause an impact.


Fabrication inspection services throughout the manufacturing process allows our staff to ensure consistency in all of your products. We are able to standardize our practices based on our inspections during the manufacturing process.

Get Consistent, Quality Products with Advantage Metal Products

Our team at Advantage Metal Products is here to help you with the entirety of your metal parts fabrication process. Whether you need engineering support, sheet metal fabrication, or inspection services, we have you covered.

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