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For more than 30 years, Advantage Metal Products has been a trusted provider of metal assembly services for a wide range of industries. We utilize Bills of Materials (BOMs) for every phase of the assembly process. This enables us to ensure consistency, quality, and compliance with design and engineering specifications in all of our manufacturing and assembly operations.

When you partner with Advantage Metal, you gain access to a manufacturer that is dedicated to the success of your product. With a team of highly skilled experts and U.S.-based facilities equipped with the most advanced manufacturing technology, we aim to deliver innovative metal assembly services that will help you get your product to market faster.

The Advantages of Keeping Manufacturing and Metal Assembly Services Together

Assembly can be an extensive process. Component sourcing, quality control, assembly planning, the assembly process, welding and joining, testing, and inspection are only a few of the factors involved.

By entrusting your manufacturing partner with metal assembly services, you gain access to a long list of crucial advantages, including:

A Simplified Supply Chain

Reduce your number of suppliers and streamline procurement and logistics.

Expertise + Specialization

We have the equipment necessary for precision assembly work to ensure product quality.

Cost Predictability

With fewer variables in the production process, it’s easier to predict costs and set realistic budgets.


With metal assembly services, we can scale your production up or down as needed without the need for disruptions.

Plus, when you partner with a U.S.-based manufacturer like Advantage Metal Products, you can significantly reduce transportation costs and lower your environmental impact.

Why Trust Advantage Metal Products with Your Metal Assembly Services

At Advantage Metal Products, we’re proud to provide full manufacturing services to meet all of your metal parts production needs. From engineering support and sheet metal fabrication to machining and project management, we are a one-stop shop with a dedicated team and a commitment to next-level customer service.

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