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Experience and Versatility for Exceptional Sheet Metal Fabrication

Advantage Metal Products’ experienced group of sheet metal fabricators pride themselves on their ability to produce exceptional metal products for a variety of industries. Focusing on the aerospace, homeland security, point of purchase, medical, mailing, automotive, telecommunications, clean energy, and hi-tech industries, our team of experts is capable of creating advanced mechanical solutions for your needs.

Our commitment to high-quality products allows us to produce a wide range of fabricated metal to add value through the best quality components. Delivering superior product solutions through advanced technology, passionate employees, and state-of-the-art equipment is our mission as expert sheet metal fabricators.

Aerospace Sheet Metal Fabrication

Quality, safety, and reliability are key when working in aerospace metal fabrication.  Advantage Metal Products has the team of expert sheet metal fabricators to tackle the unique challenges that aerospace metal fabrication brings while meeting quality and performance standards.

Homeland Security Sheet Metal Fabrication

Creating products to keep people safe is important to Advantage Metal Products. We are dedicated to creating high-quality, efficient, and safe metal products to keep traveling by air, land, and sea safe.

Point of Purchase Sheet Metal Fabrication

Point-of-purchase displays play an integral role in properly displaying your products and driving business. At Advantage Metal Products, we strive to create beautiful, functional point-of-purchase displays to help you grow your business.

Medical Sheet Metal Fabrication

Health is more important now than ever and medical equipment is advancing at a rapid rate. Here at Advantage Metal Products, our expert sheet metal fabricators are dedicated to creating the safest and most effective metal to increase medical device and equipment quality.

Mailing Sorting Machine Metal Fabrication

Getting mail where it needs to be is important for everything from bills to birthday cards.  Advantage Metal Products’ team of experts are skilled in creating the steel metal sheets that come together to create mail sorting machines. 

Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom metal parts are essential to the automotive industry.  Advantage Metal Products uses advanced equipment, expert sheet metal fabricators, and technology to create top-of-the-line automotive metal products, including car frames and exhaust pipes. 

Telecommunications Sheet Metal Fabrication

Metal products that can survive the severe conditions nature throws at them are integral to keeping phone lines and the internet functioning efficiently. High-quality, durable metal products are Advantage Metal Products’ specialty.

Clean Energy Sheet Metal Fabrication

At Advantage Metal Products, we take pride in creating products that contribute to going green.  As the clean energy industry grows, our team of experienced sheet metal fabricators are committed to creating high-quality products for clean energy projects. 

Hi-Tech Sheet Metal Fabrication

Advantage Metal Products soars ahead when it comes to new technology.  Always willing to learn and grow, we easily keep up with the break-neck speeds of the high-tech market. 

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