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Custom Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Streamline Your Production with Custom Metal Fabrication

At Advantage Metal Products, your success is our priority. With over 30 years of experience in the metal manufacturing industry, we aim to provide you with the latest in advanced manufacturing technology and the best in next-level customer service for a streamlined and simplified manufacturing experience.

Our extensive custom metal fabrication and machining capabilities, as well as our additional services in engineering support, assembly, and quality inspection, enable us to provide you with superior custom metal fabrication solutions that meet your exact needs.

Engineer Support

With more than 30 years of combined experience in reverse engineering and building to customer specifications, our team at Advantage Metal Products works directly with yours to ensure efficiency and quality from the beginning. Whether you have a brand new product to introduce or want to optimize a legacy build, our engineers leverage the latest in software and enterprise resource planning (ERP) interfacing to ensure an efficient flow of information throughout the process.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

By consistently investing in the most cutting-edge advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, Advantage Metal Products is at the forefront of custom metal fabrication solutions. With our top-of-the-line automated systems and lights-out capabilities, we provide our customers with bespoke solutions at highly competitive rates.

Machining Services

At Advantage Metal Products, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your custom metal fabrication and machining needs. With our CNC machining solutions and commitment to efficiency and excellence, we can meet the demand for precision machined components for New Product Introductions (NPIs), prototypes, and large-scale production runs.


Streamline your process and save on labor costs by taking advantage of our full-service turnkey assembly services for your custom metal parts. By partnering with us, you gain the advantage of working with a metal manufacturing partner with access to mechanical build assemblies from Bill of Materials (BOMs) to ensure less space and lower workforce requirements for affordable, fast assembly.


Our mission at Advantage Metal Products is to provide quality products on time and with attention to detail and quality. That’s why we worked hard to earn our ISO 9001 and AS91000 certifications so you can be sure of meeting the standards of your industry. We also offer comprehensive validation services to our customers with advanced equipment such as the ZEISS CONTURA CMM and Virtek 3D Laser Scanning Machine to speed up your manufacturing process and guarantee that the tolerance requirements for your part are satisfied.

Project Management

Our dedication to providing next-tier customer service is reflected in every part of our business. With advanced software and technological support, including our comprehensive ERP system, Advantage Metal Products offers our customers a first-class, concierge-style customer service experience. From keeping you up to date on your delivery status and managing your inventory space to providing Just-in-Time services and minimizing your risk of part damages, we are a full-service metal manufacturer from ideation to delivery.

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